Why do we need Architectural Visualization? For those who don’t know….

I have been working for more than 13 years in the field of 3D Graphics. My career in 3D started with Architectural Visualization. After some time I began working in the Gaming Industry - modeling technical equipment, character modeling and animation.

Thus, Visualization became my second occupation. I kept doing it, but it was more like a hobby. Majority of people consider Architectural Visualization expensive and unnecessary. They consider it a toy for rich people or for those who do not have a three-dimensional imagination. But it’s not the truth.

When a client wants to build something, he already has an image in his mind. He may hire a designer who will help to bring this image to life, create a design and make drawings. After all that, construction workers do their part. In most cases, even designers or architects are not hired and the client has to explain in his own words what he wants. Very often people are frustrated because they didn’t get what they wanted, especially after paying a huge amount of money. If you want construction workers to build exactly what you need, hiring a designer or an architect is not enough! That’s when Architectural Visualization plays a huge role. Architectural Visualization – is a 3D model of your idea. You don’t have to explain all the details for hours. It will be so much easier to show a 3D model on a piece of paper.

Let me give you an example.

One of my colleagues organized a big construction a couple of years ago. The construction was a big project and included stables, hotels, restaurants… It seemed that the project was well-planned and the site engineer was quite experienced, but everything turned out not as good as they had thought. Several times the construction was altered, rebuilt, lots of new ideas were proposed. All the resources were aimed at rebuilding and changing. Money was spent very fast. The construction workers were coming in and out, new organizational measures were implemented but nothing seemed to change.

At the end, construction stopped. It was time to start thinking seriously, what went wrong and what to do next? The managers started to calculate everything. It turned out that amount of money already spent on the construction, could have been enough to build several of these projects. Where did the money go? Nobody knew. I don’t really remember why they decided to do the Architectural Visualization, but I did several versions for them. The client showed 3D model to contractors and asked: “This is what I want. Can you do it?”. They nodded and continued the construction. After that only one mistake was made. The client showed the 3D model again and pointed exactly where the problem was. You won’t believe it, but contractors rebuilt everything without a single word spoken, for their own cost! Eventually, the construction cost so much, that now, my colleague does Architectural Visualization absolutely for everything.

Now you can see what is cheaper – spending a couple of hundred dollars for some pictures and drawings or spending thousands of dollars for rebuilding and changing.