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Commercial 3D

For architects, designers and just individuals…

The most effective presentation of architectural projects. Our work, conditions and prices ...

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3D Architectural Concept

The most economical form of a design project

 - is the development and visualization of the project.

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3D Modeling

Industrial Modeling

Industrial modeling for CNC and 3D printers.

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 Architectural Visualization at Study3D School

VOT Design Studio has been the basis for establishing Study3D computer graphics school. The biggest asset of the School is the Teaching Staff. This team of specialists has been working in 3D graphics industry for a long time and they are able to provide students not only with theoretical knowledge, but with real experience.
The students have the opportunity to gain necessary skills in order to get started towards further carrier.
Study3D School implements a unique method - the method of total immersion. If you are looking for a fast and high-quality training program - Study3D School is exactly what you need.


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Every single one of us has been engaged in 3D computer graphics for a long period of time. We have participated in different projects - computer games, cartoons and architectural. Each of us has been working with the world’s leading companies and with individuals.

3D is a hobby and a job for us. Combining the experience, we’ve decided to unite our efforts.

Join us, and we will share with you our 3D!


Architectural Visualization, 3D Architectural Concept, Interior Design, Landscape Design.

Industrial modeling.

Spherical Panoramas of the architectural projects.

3D Panoramas - Spherical Surveying of an area or premises.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Project Manager.

Tel: +380-67-401-28-46


Wanted: Freelancers, willing to work under tight schedules:
Interior Modeler - interior modeling of objects based on sketches, photographs or drawings.
Modelers - modeling of the premises, filling them with objects of the interior according to the technical manual.
In order to test your skills, a test must be performed before you get started.
Send your CV and Portfolio:
Make sure you indicate how much time you can work as a freelancer.   Ads by VOT

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